Writing Services

People today can easily obtain information thanks to the spread of the internet.
However, it tends to widen the gap between recipient and sender of writings due to a flood of information sent from various media.

So, what should you do to get the message across?

For individuals
" I want people to know more about me " (recognition)
" I want people to think better about me " (image enhancement)
For corporations (companies)
" We want to increase the purchasing power of our products "(increase of sales)
" We want to advertise our new service ",
" We want our products to be quoted in the media " (PR)
" We want to enhance the company image "(image enhancement)

Various images are sought to wordings.
However, our goals are not only to deliver these wordings.
It requires a flow of recognition, understanding and consent to sympathy in order to give recipient the push.

Images and keywords are utilized to convey messages directly.
People are attracted to information they are looking for,
catchy keywords and wordings that are imaginable and easy to visualize.
We help you publicize the one and only originality by showing "your color".
People can understand the essence of messages when they distinguish their unique values and characteristics from others.
It is important to make an appeal of the unique nature of " your color" .
The bond of trust connecting each other can be built by setting messages solidly in the target's heart
When your messages penetrate into the target's heart and take root, they can feel an empathic connection, which strengthens the bonds between you and them.
It indeed makes a difference to build trust to motivate their actions through mutual communication.

We are happy to share your goals and propose specific solutions.

Wrok Flow

Customers may send us inquiries via E-mail or telephone.
We will carefully review your inquiry and provide explanation about our services and proposals.
We will then set up a date for meeting. We can also talk over a phone or e-mail for urgent projects or for those who are in distant locations.
At the meeting, we will minutely determine services to provide based on the details of customer's request.
After considering the contents of customer's request and services, we will typically provide an estimate via e-mail.
Order placement
If you accept our quotation and other conditions proposed by us, we will proceed to sign a formal agreement upon receipt of the order.
*We may exchange a nondisclosure agreement and other contracts according to request.
We will send you deliverables (document and manuscript) by midnight of the appointed date and have you check the deliverables.
*Please note that we may not be able to correspond to the assignments after one month of delivery.
For unresolved remarks and other doubts, please contact us within 31 days.
We will respond to your requests with the best of intentions.
After delivery, we will send you an invoice. Please make a payment via bank transfer as specified in the invoice.

Prices may vary depending on contents of service.
Please contact us for more information.