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Chief Executive Officer, Creative Writing & Translation Service Supervisor
Mizuguchi Umi
Umi Mizuguchi
Umi Mizuguchi graduated from School of Education, Waseda University, majoring Japanese language and literature.
While she studied library and information science and information literacy,
she embarked on her career at a news agency specializing in finance and economics for English newspapers of Japanese major news company.
She was also engaged in production of a news program at a key commercial TV station as a director of the news program
airing on TV Asahi before established as a freelancer in 2008.
In 2010, Umi founded UMI CO., LTD. to provide professional writing services including planning,
research, reportorial activities, writing, editing and translation.
Research & translation specialist (English)
Mizuguchi Umi
Akiko Kawai
After graduating from Scarsdale High School, New York and Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo joined NHK. Worked in international news for 11 years as a producer in the News Department. Retired from NHK to attend law school graduating with a PhD from Omiya Law School, Saitama. Now working as a freelance researcher and translator.
Currently engaged in various projects including website localization, legal documents such as company registrations and financial statements, personal documents such as family registration forms, drivers licenses etc., and creative projects such as advertising copy.
Has 15 years experience as a translator and interpreter. TOEIC Score: 960.
Research & translation specialist (Chinese)
Mizuguchi Umi
Ri Rei
Graduated from the Faculty of Japanese, Changsha University, China. Studied logistics at Nagoya Gakuin University Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, awarded MBA degree. After working with leading consumer electronics maker in Japan, successfully worked as an in-house translator, interpreter, and assistant manager for a Japanese consumer electronics maker in China.
Engaged in business activities such as in-house translation and interpretation, Chinese language teaching, new business development and outsourcing in the materials department, import and export with overseas offices and international exchange.
Recently living in China, handling various projects such as business documents and contracts, proposals and presentation materials, various contracts, instruction manuals, and materials for international conferences.
Research & translation specialist (Chinese)
Mizuguchi Umi
Natsuko Matsuhashi
Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Chinese Department; included overseas study at the University of Amoy in Fujian, China.
Worked in the conference and translation coordination business at a major convention company after graduation.
After that, engaged in legal document translation at a business law firm specializing in East Asia and China.
From November 2003 to March 2008, worked at the Food Safety Commission of the Cabinet Office; responsible for the translation of administrative and legal documents for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and scientific papers, etc.
Has been working as a Chinese business related freelance translator, since 2009.
Research & Translation (Korean)
Mizuguchi Umi
Hyeonsook Lee
Hyeonsook joined a Korean company after graduating from department
of Japanese studies of faculty of international studies at university in Korea.
He then went to the United States and pursued his education to strengthen
his English-language skills and completed an intense English-leaning program before returning home.
While he worked as a Japanese teacher in a university and foreign language school,
he obtained a certificate from a Japanese interpretation/translation course
at a graduate school of the international studies at the graduate school of the same university.
He worked at an IT company based in Japan to work as a bridge to facilitate
communication between the company and non-Japanese employees
and to engage in recruitment, human recourses and personnel administration.
After going freelance, he broadened the field of expertise to interpretations
for international exchange event for Japan and Korea and translations for marketing researches and documentary footage.
Research & Translation (French)

Shio Asami
Shio graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of French Studies and spent 1 year in France as an exchange student. Started her career in a government-authorised travel company in VIetnam, former French colony, where she spent 3 years utilizing language abilities. After coming back to Tokyo, involved in translating in an automobile company, and became freelance translator (French-English-Japanese) specializing in politics, alimentation, fashion and lifestyle industry. Also works as a French instructor in language schools in Tokyo and Yokohama. Diplôme d’Aptitude Pratique au Français 1st degree, DELF-DALF, Diplôme de Français des Affaires 2, high school teacher’s certificate (French).

* UMI CO., LTD. cooperates with experts in various fields and affiliated companies and assigned staff changes depending on projects.
We will assign adequate staff depending on the area of specialty and expertise.