Planning & Reaearch

Any articles have to have some keywords
and it would become meaningless if these keywords do not reach to the target's heart precisely.

In order to appeal to the target's heart,
it is important to have the following independent emphases as the seed for creative writing:
"Distinctiveness" "Uniqueness" "Originality"

Additionally, differentiated values can be created by clearly proposing likeness, significance and advantages.

It is important to consider how to appeal the quintessence of services in the most effective way to create special values and satisfy the needs of the target to the maximum extent possible. With this objective in mind, it is necessary to conduct thorough planning and research.

We also use easy-to-understand wordings when reporting research results acquired from research objects.

Through elaboration of plans and intense research of the target to bring attention to the values, it becomes possible to make an efficient approach to the target users.

Work Flow

Customers may send us inquiries via E-mail or telephone.
We will carefully review your inquiry and provide explanation about our services and proposals.
We will then set up a date for meeting. We can also talk over a phone or e-mail for urgent projects or for those who are in distant locations.
At the meeting, we will minutely determine services to provide based on the details of customer's request.
After considering the contents of customer's request and services, we will typically provide an estimate via e-mail.
Order placement
If you accept our quotation and other conditions proposed by us, we will proceed to sign a formal agreement upon receipt of the order.
*We may exchange a nondisclosure agreement and other contracts according to request.
We will send you deliverables (document and manuscript) by midnight of the appointed date and have you check the deliverables.
*Please note that we may not be able to correspond to the assignments after one month of delivery.
For unresolved remarks and other doubts, please contact us within 31 days.
We will respond to your requests with the best of intentions.
After delivery, we will send you an invoice. Please make a payment via bank transfer as specified in the invoice.

Prices may vary depending on contents of service.
Please contact us for more information.