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Corporate Information


At UMI, we have been engaged mainly with multilingual translation of more than 30 languages for more than 10 years.

In this age of information overload, a gap has arisen between the information the consumer seeks and the information that enterprises provide.

In order to offer service with recognized value, it is of the utmost importance to find keywords that resonate with the target audience and easily understood words that create a common language.

With professional careers spanning more than 10 years, our staff are highly proficient at selecting appropriate words and work in conjunction with native speakers to provide translations and writing that meet clients’ needs. Our main business of providing translations and writing for business is led by female staff with a global perspective. Translations are carried out by professionals with more than 10 years’ experience, including Japanese nationals who grew up overseas and foreigners with high levels of Japanese ability. Their work is then proofed by professionals who are familiar with the local situation, following which proofreaders perform a final check. Japanese translations are checked by professional writers who are familiar with the industry in question and have specialized knowledge. With high quality multilingual translation specializing in “words” as our advantage, we offer direct, effective messaging.


Umi Mizuguchi


Corporate Philosophy

Words for ALL
Creating writing that touches the heart

At UMI CO., LTD., we strive to translate our clients’ thoughts into words that flow as smoothly as water into the hearts of their customers. UMI means “ocean” in Japanese.
Enriching companies, individuals and societies, it is our goal to be the source of words like the essence of life, the ocean.

Multilingual Translation
Working with 30 Languages from around the World

Under the slogan of

“Enriching the company, enrich the individuals and enrich society”, we at Umi Co. utilize our own network to work on each project in partnership with our specialists.

Our team of globally-minded specialists with more than 10 years of experience will work together to provide high quality translations that accommodate your needs.


As a general principle, we believe in face-to-face communication.
Our hope is to consult with our customers face-to-face as much as possible, but with consideration for limitations such as time, distance and infection control, we are also happy to have online meetings with our customers.


We would like our customers to have an understanding of our company and services before signing up and using them.


Umi Co., Ltd. has renewed its logo with a focus on its multilingual translation business. The new logo is based on the ancient Japanese motif of “Seigaiha (Blue Ocean Waves).” It is an auspicious pattern that is said to represent the bounty of the vast ocean, the infinite waves, and the wish for a life in everlasting peace. Connecting Japan and countries across the world for generations to come. Through supporting our customers, we aim to become a bridge of “words” that is ever improving.

About Us

Company Name : UMI CO., LTD.



4F, Shinagawa East One Tower, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL 81(0)3-6890-8333 FAX 81(0)3-6883-0228

Capital Fund:  5,000,000 JPY

Main Business :  Multilingual Translation Business



May 2008, Established as a small office

June 2010, registered as a corporate in Setagaya Ward

January 2011, relocated to Minato Ward

Main Clients

Government offices; local government; tourism-related enterprises; economic organizations; academic societies; international organizations; various research institutes; NPO corporations; general incorporated associations; public interest incorporated foundations; public and private universities; mass media; advertising agencies; manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, machinery, optics and apparel; shipbuilders; airlines; trading companies; distribution companies; real estate companies; architecture companies; general contractors; restaurants; restaurant chains; IT companies; web and video production companies; marketing research companies; consulting firms etc.

While UMI CO., LTD. appreciates the usefulness of personal information, we work to protect the rights and interests of individuals and corporations. It is managed appropriately in accordance with our policy regarding the handling of personal information.

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